LAC Professional Member
Jyotsna Umesh

Cherry Blossoms, DC, 11" x 14"Cherry Blossoms, DC, 11" x 14" Jyotsna Umesh is a watercolor artist and instructor in Chantilly, VA.

"I call myself an amateur artist. I feel there is so much to learn. Painting watercolor is like transcendental meditation to me. I see colors on roads, in skies, water, shadows and anything and everything. When I start painting, I sometimes have no clue how I will progress, the subject guides me and colors start to bleed, the magic starts happening and there is no better sight than to see colors getting mixed on paper rather than palette. My wish is to take my art to the next level and teach this beautiful medium to other passionate learners." —Jyotsna

Sunlit Neighborhood, 11" x 14"Sunlit Neighborhood, 11" x 14"

Beautiful Lane, 9.5" x 12"Beautiful Lane, 9.5" x 12"

Kolkata Market, 9.5" x 12"Kolkata Market, 9.5" x 12"

Marshy Land, NC, 9.5" x 12"Marshy Land, NC, 9.5" x 12"

Being Alone, 16" x 20Being Alone, 16" x 20

Jay Cafe, 11" x 14"Jay Cafe, 11" x 14"

Washington Harbor, 16" x 20"Washington Harbor, 16" x 20"