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Karen Watson / Infusion Arts


"London Journal" by Karen Watson"London Journal" by Karen Watson

Karen Watson is a mixed media artist, using primarily acrylic paint on hand-texturized surfaces, and incorporating imagery through collage and image transfer. She also incorporates dimensional found objects as a focal point or to help tell a story or create an environment.

Karen’s recent work includes canvas and wood panels in colors and textures that support and amplify the natural elegance of selected artifacts housed in small niches. Using a range of materials, she strives to create a revered space for collected items, both those from nature such as shells, minerals, fossils, and man-made ones such as icons, game pieces, or personal belongings. Likewise, her abstract canvases convey her interpretation of a city skyline, an ocean view and other settings, relying heavily on texture and color to convey her feelings and memory of the place, to preserve it, and share it.