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Marcia Klioze


"Bubbles at the Vineyard" by Marcia Klioze"Bubbles at the Vineyard" by Marcia Klioze After enjoying a long and successful career of over 25 years, as both an editorial and medical illustrator — illustrating magazines, newspapers, and institutional publications — I've recently returned to traditional oil painting. My strength and my passion have always been in my ability to capture a person's likeness, as well as their personality, or "essence". I enjoy depicting the human condition... I'm fascinated with discovering what makes someone look like they do; going beyond just the physical features... capturing what makes them tick. "Isabelle" by Marcia Klioze"Isabelle" by Marcia Klioze Portraiture and people have always been my passion, but, I prefer capturing the subjects “story” or moment, not just mirroring their features.

Atelier Garage is my “new” home studio, recently developed and renovated. I am very excited to be hosting and teaching classes, workshops, and open studio with life models starting in June 2017.

Please inquire about classes or commissioning a portrait or painting through my online store. I will be updating classes, workshops, and painting regularly.

I am also a participating artWorks artist whose work could grace the walls of your venue in rotating quarterly shows.