Only current individual LAC members may participate as artists in the artWorks program.

Can't Wait to Apply?

Not worried about the details? Already know them? Already started and just need to pick up where you left off, or need to update your current listing?


Benefits to Artists (especially emerging artists)

  • No fee beyond your annual membership and a small commission on sales made through the program.
  • Learn how to show your artwork — experience all the elements involved in exhibiting your work in a pop-up gallery setting.
  • Gain exposure for your artwork and name recognition by the public at large.
  • Benefit from widespread marketing by LAC and our venues.
  • Develop potential contacts for other shows.
  • Build up your résumé.

Selection Process

The artWorks committee reviews applications and publishes information about accepted artists and venues on the LAC website. LAC then notifies each artist when a participating venue selects them to show their work. Artists are selected by venues based on overall appropriateness for the venue and their ability to produce enough artwork for the space. Artists accepted into the program have no guarantee they will be selected by a venue to mount a show in any given timeframe. Shows typically run 2-4 months, depending on venue preferences, season, and other factors.


The LAC publicizes artWorks shows through announcements on our website and in our Happenings email newsletter, on social media, and in press releases. Participating artists and venues are encouraged to also publicize the shows on their own websites and in other ways. Please identify the LAC as "program sponsor" in your own publicity about the program and your shows. Venues agree to host an Artist's Reception for each show, at a mutually convenient time for both artist and venue.


The LAC website includes an online shopping system that allows patrons to purchase artWorks pieces on the spot using their smartphones. For sales made using this system the LAC collects and remits Virginia sales tax, and retains a 10% commission. For sales that an artist handles directly, the artist is obliged to collect and remit sales tax directly to the Commonwealth of Virginia, and to pay LAC's 10% commission or risk future ineligibility to participate in this and other LAC programs. Artists are paid for their LAC-facilitated artWorks sales in the month after each show ends.

Agreement and Responsibilities

By applying for this program you agree to the following terms and conditions:

  • I will maintain my membership in the LAC for the duration of my participation in the program.
  • I will provide at least two weeks notice if I must end my participation, and will expect two weeks notice if the LAC wishes to end my participation or to modify or end the program entirely.
  • I will abide by the decisions of the LAC concerning scheduling and venue placements for the program.
  • I will identify the LAC as "program sponsor" in any publicity I release concerning the program and my artWorks shows.
  • I will personally install and take down each of my shows, coordinating with LAC and venue staff on exact dates and times, and using the hanging system preferred or provided by the venue for each show.
  • I will offer a short gallery talk to the staff of each of my host venues upon request.
  • I will participate in an Artist's Reception for each of my shows, at a date and time agreed upon by all involved.
  • I will provide an up-to-date artist bio, as well as high-quality high-resolution photographs of my work, titles, and prices, in advance of each of my shows, to provide sufficient time to update the LAC website, prepare artwork labels, and frame my bio for each show.
  • I will replace any artwork sold during my shows, working with LAC and venue staff to update the website and artwork labels accordingly.
  • I will promptly advise LAC of any sales I handle directly, so that the website can be updated appropriately.
  • I will provide a signed IRS Form W-9 to LAC prior to my first payment.
  • I will provide LAC with reliable contact information and promptly advise LAC if it changes.
  • I expect venue staff to make reasonable efforts to enforce a DO NOT TOUCH policy concerning my work while it is on display.
  • I understand that no insurance of my work is being provided by the LAC or any participating venue, and I assume full responsibility for any loss or damage to my artwork that may occur as a result of participating in this program.

How to Apply

To apply for artWorks, you must first be a current LAC member and then complete the online application form.

After you submit your application, please allow time for the artWorks committee to review it and get back to you with any questions or with a decision on whether you have been accepted into the program. We try to respond quickly and to maintain strong lines of communication during the review process, but it does take some time.

Once your application has been approved, your profile will appear in the list of participating artists.