Name Alynne Landers
Organization Alynne Originals
Websites Website
Media Acrylics, Watercolors, Oil, Polymer Clay
Tagline Beauty is everywhere
Biography or Personal Statement I have painted in many different styles over the years as inspired by different places and events. My latest collection of paintings I call “Chaos Paintings” which may reflect uncertainty in the world around me. But in chaos there is hope and beauty if we look for it, just as there can be peace and tranquility in meandering down a lazy river without trying to plot our course.

Beauty can be found everywhere, and I not only seek it out, but try to bring my own form of beauty to others through my artwork.
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Volcano Sunset, acrylics, 10x20, 2017  Volcano Sunset, acrylics, 10x20, 2017
Spring Galaxy, acrylics, 11x14, 2017  Spring Galaxy, acrylics, 11x14, 2017
Blue View, acrylics, 16x20, 2017  Blue View, acrylics, 16x20, 2017
Fairy Starfish, resin, 16x20, 2017  Fairy Starfish, resin, 16x20, 2017
Worlds Collide, acrylics, 16x20, 2017  Worlds Collide, acrylics, 16x20, 2017
Turquoise Surf, acrylics, 16x20, 2017  Turquoise Surf, acrylics, 16x20, 2017
Autumn Chestnut, acrylics, 16x20, 2017  Autumn Chestnut, acrylics, 16x20, 2017
Marbled Dream, resin, 12x16, 2017  Marbled Dream, resin, 12x16, 2017