Name Jean McTigue
Websites Instagram
Media Fiber, pen, pencil, watercolors
Tagline Illustrative look on the world and people I encounter
Biography or Personal Statement Jean is an artist who has lived and worked in Loudoun county for 20+ years while raising her family. She ran a teaching art program called Color Catchers for the last 15yrs that served the home school community and now puts her efforts into running two sketch clubs, one in Sterling (Cascades Sketch Club) and one in Reston (in Beloved yoga studio). Jean Loves to do illustrative type art works with watercolors and pen or pencil and has recently found the love of embroidery or she likes to say painting with thread. Jean gains inspiration from her family and the places they go and things they see.
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"Yellow Flowered Road" - 8" round - embroidery  "Yellow Flowered Road" - 8" round - embroidery
"Lilac and Butterflies" - 8" round - embroidery  "Lilac and Butterflies" - 8" round - embroidery
"The Engagement" - 5x7" - watercolor and colored pencil  "The Engagement" - 5x7" - watercolor and colored pencil
"Our House" - 5x7" - watercolor and colored pencil  "Our House" - 5x7" - watercolor and colored pencil
"Thinking Girl" - 9x12" - watercolor  "Thinking Girl" - 9x12" - watercolor
"Flower Girl" - 4x8" - acrylic paint  "Flower Girl" - 4x8" - acrylic paint