Name Lisa Cohen
Websites Website
Media Acrylic & Oil Painting
Tagline Fresh colors, bold brushstrokes
Biography or Personal Statement For as long as I can remember, I have loved to make things. Growing up in South Florida, my mom encouraged creative weekend projects when I was a child, whether it was making fabric-covered photo albums together to give as holiday gifts or creating quirky, custom-painted earrings to match my favorite outfit as a teen. Creativity also extended to the kitchen where I could often be found helping my mom make stir-fries, egg rolls, or a batch of cookies… a legacy that lives on to this day that I now share with own children.

When I became a mom of my own and my children were little, I transformed our dining room into a kids art room where I created art projects that the kids and I could do together. I also started each of my kids with their own art journals as soon as they could pick up a crayon, which they took with them on trips to the garden nursery, outside while playing in our driveway, and on family vacations. I turned to photography and digital scrapbooking to express my love for layout, design, storytelling, and my evolving family. Eventually this evolved into mixed-media scrapbooking, art journaling, and fine art painting.

Today, I am a painter using oils and acrylics, dedicated to the practice of creating a small painting most days of the week in an effort to exercise my painting muscle, strengthen my skills, and continue to grow and challenge myself as an artist. This daily ritual gives me an opportunity to experiment with various techniques, color combinations, and compositions, all well as do all of the problem-solving that comes with creating a larger painting just on a smaller scale. My work is known for its vibrant color, rich layers of texture, and expressionist style.

I live in Loudoun County, VA, with my husband, Mike, and our two children. I also participate in Leesburg First Friday art shows, Art at the Mill art shows, and am an active member and promoter of local arts in my community. When I'm not painting I can be found reading, cooking, baking, tending my garden, and taking walks around the lake in my neighborhood looking for inspiration.
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What Really Matters - 6"x 6" - Acrylic  What Really Matters - 6"x 6" - Acrylic
True North - 6"x 6" - Acrylic  True North - 6"x 6" - Acrylic
Summer in the City - 6"x 6" - Oil  Summer in the City - 6"x 6" - Oil
It's No Wonder - 6"x 6" - Acrylic  It's No Wonder - 6"x 6" - Acrylic
As The Mood Commands - 6"x 6" - Acrylic  As The Mood Commands - 6"x 6" - Acrylic
Breath of Fresh Air - 12"x 16" - Acrylic  Breath of Fresh Air - 12"x 16" - Acrylic
Meet Me at the Cafe - 5"x 7" - Oil  Meet Me at the Cafe - 5"x 7" - Oil
Illuminate - 12"x 12" - Acrylic  Illuminate - 12"x 12" - Acrylic
Fabbioli Flowers 2 - 6"x 6" - Oil  Fabbioli Flowers 2 - 6"x 6" - Oil
Green Room Ready - 6"x 6" - Oil  Green Room Ready - 6"x 6" - Oil
Fields of Lavender - 6"x 8" - Oil  Fields of Lavender - 6"x 8" - Oil
Teacup Flowers - 8"x 6" - Oil  Teacup Flowers - 8"x 6" - Oil
Veggie Sushi - 6"x 6" - Oil  Veggie Sushi - 6"x 6" - Oil
Waiting for You - 5"x 7" - Oil  Waiting for You - 5"x 7" - Oil
Blueberry Vanilla - 6"x 6" - Oil  Blueberry Vanilla - 6"x 6" - Oil
Flower Delivery - 6"x 6" - Acrylic  Flower Delivery - 6"x 6" - Acrylic
Fabbioli's New Tasting Room’s Cab Franc Reserve - 6"x 6" - Oil  Fabbioli's New Tasting Room’s Cab Franc Reserve - 6"x 6" - Oil