Name Samantha S. Marshall
Websites Website
Media Fine Art Photography
Tagline Creating extraordinary views of ordinary life using color and light
Biography or Personal Statement Samantha S. Marshall is an award winning photographer, specializing in people, nature, wedding, corporate, and history photography with a style consisting of colorful and energetic imagery. Running a client-friendly, service-oriented business she believes that great creativity often is the result of a collaborative effort and values working closely with her clients. Based in Northern Virginia, she is a huge supporter of many special interest groups including mental illness awareness, the rescue community, and helping others to find their own artist passions. Samantha is the coordinator of the annual FCMP Photography Expo and has been featured regionally and internationally in print and online publications including O, The Oprah Magazine, Around Reston, Modern Reston, and the Connection Newspaper. To learn more about Samantha, look for her blog series "In Front of My Lens", and to book a session, visit her website.
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"Waiting for Spring - Oatlands Plantation"  "Waiting for Spring - Oatlands Plantation"
"St Petersburg Borough - Curl"  "St Petersburg Borough - Curl"
"Pears: Still"  "Pears: Still"
"The Long Haul: Eastern State Penitentiary"  "The Long Haul: Eastern State Penitentiary"
"End of the Work Day: Eastern State Penitentiary"  "End of the Work Day: Eastern State Penitentiary"
"Strawberry"  "Strawberry"
"Pulling Along the Past: Gettysburg"  "Pulling Along the Past: Gettysburg"
"Fire: Gettysburg"  "Fire: Gettysburg"